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How to Register

My Child Wants to Play - Now What Do I Do?

I heard your child(ren) want to play! This is great news!

Step 1

Follow these steps to get your child registered to play:
  1. Determine Your Child's Player Age Classification
  2. Review Applicable Programs Available Programs
  3. Read all Concussion information Here
  4. Obtain the following information (it may be needed during registration)
    1. Medical Insurance (Insurance company, Name of policy holder, Insurance Policy #)
    2. Electronic copy of child's birth certificate (this is used to validate the player's age to meet league rules) (Use JPG, PNG, or PDF format)

Step 2

I already have an account 

  • Click on "Register Now"
  • Add/Update child(ren) related to your account
  • Follow Prompts to register them for a team/program

Step 3

I do not have an account: